Income Tax Time: Top 10 IRS’ Most Wanted Celebrities

It’s taxes time which for some mean a nice wad of cash in their pockets – but for others unfortunately, a big black hole where their money USED to be before the IRS kicked down the door and bullied you to give it back.

But don’t fret – you’re not the only one with problems. Like all other problems we face, celebrities seem to get hit MUCH worse! Mo’ Money mo’ Problems right?

Without further ado – here’s the IRS’ most wanted celebrities.. Tell me you’re feeling a little less sorry for yourself now?

10. Jamie Pressly – $637,000

My Name is Earl star and only female on our list Jamie Pressly has had her run-ins with authorities lately. Remember her DUI this year? Well she was now recently slapped with a bill for unpaid taxes. In this month’s Star Pressly claims it’s her lack of work since Earl was cancelled along with the stress of being a single mom that has attributed to her problems. Hmm.. How about you just hire an accountant and lay off the booze?   

9. Lil’ Wayne – $1,300,000

You gotta hand it to rapper Lil’ Wayne – he knows how to make money! After releasing nine albums since the age of 9 he has been a busy guy. So busy that he seemed to have forgotten to file his taxes. He did serve an 8 month prison sentence last year so we can see how it slipped his mind.

8. Marc Anthony – $1,600,000

Looks like the famous Puerto Rican singer and actor needs a bail out from his wife and American Idol host J-Lo! Last year he incurred a $3.4 million tax debt due problems with his business management company. Later his legal team pleaded guilty for the tax felonies (more than one might be add.. more than a slip up perhaps?) and now he has to cough up the coin.

7. Richard Hatch – $1,742,711

We’ve all heard of the income tax awfulness of this Survivor star. Back in 2006 he went to prison for failing to pay taxes on his Survivor prize and other earnings. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson because in 2010 the IRS filed another lien saying the star owes 1.7 million again!

6. Sean Connery – $2,000,000

I am unimpressed that this 79 year old actor hasn’t learned how to file taxes in ALL countries he owes property in. Apparently the star owes the 2 mill in taxes after selling his property in Spain and not failing to pay the taxes owed. Own up Connery!   

5. Wesley Snipes – $2,700,000

Wesley Snipes and the IRS goes hand in hand! After two years of trying to get out of his misdemeanor conviction (failing to file income taxes) the actor finally went to prison in last December for three years.   

4. Nicolas Cage – $3,811,952

Nicolas Cage is a lucky man. How a crappy actor like him still gets roles is beyond me, yet he doesn’t seem to understand how taxes work. It’s the “paying” them part that gets him confused. Back in 2009 he paid off a whopping $14 million tax debt. But he didn’t learn. In 2010, he was hit again with another $3.8. Fire your accountant Cage, he sucks as much as you.   

3. Nas – $6,464,205

Whatever happened to Nas? Former MC and one the greatest MCs of all time (according to MTV) was hit back in 2009 for tax evasion. Ignoring the issue doesn’t seem to work because the actor was again hit last month with another lien. Time to pay up Nas – unless you just want the bad publicity – at least it keeps you in the papers!   

2. Chris Tucker – $11,500,000

Chris Tucker is in a sad state – He didn’t just forget to file a claim, he repeatedly evaded his taxes for years before his IRS buddies caught up with him.

Here’s how his debt breaks down:

2001 — $4,007,794.34
2002 — $5,060,074.23
2004 — $55,544.84
2005 — $660,414.94
2006 — $1,788,080.91

C’mon Chris – It’s hard to make $20 million a movie when your behind bars!

1. Paul Hogan – $150,000,000

Who tops our list? None other than the ever so famous Aussie Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan! He owes a reported $150 million which leads to me ask – How the F#$K did he do that? Well originally his unpaid taxes accounted for $36.7 million but the interests and fees have chalked that up to a whopping $150 million! Paul Hogan showed up at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) back in August 2010 when he was visiting the country to attend his mother’s funeral. The ATO then issued an order that Hogan was not allowed to leave the country until his debts were paid. Although he did eventually leave, how the star will pay up and when is still a mystery!

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