Naked Therapist Sarah White Strips to Help Heal (Photo)!

Naked therapy with a naked therapist – is this why so many people love New York?

Are you stressed out? Need to talk to someone who can help you through your problems? Sarah White may be the perfect person to help you forget about your problems. The 24-year-old psychologist is introducing a new form of therapy to her clients – a type of therapy that helps you address your problems while she undresses herself. Classy.

Sara explains stripping down in front of male clients will help them overcome their troubles and relieve their stress: “During the sessions I use the power of arousal to let you gain more control over your life,” she says. “The goal is to use nakedness so you can understand yourself and your world better, so you can feel great and powerful, and so the excitement you feel during the sessions can lead to more excitement outside the sessions,” she says.

Sounds like naked therapy is a lot like a really expensive rub and tug minus the happy ending (as far as we know).

Here’s an idea: skip the sex show therapy session and order some porn. Trust me, the results will be the same and you won’t have to listen to some trashy girl talk to you about your feelings.

You can see more of Sarah (if you know what we mean) on her website, (link NSFW).

Would you pay for Sarah’s naked therapy?

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2 Responses to Naked Therapist Sarah White Strips to Help Heal (Photo)!

  1. Her site is well done and looks legit. But when you get to the details, there is this interesting note:

    “In order to ensure our comfort as we get to know each other, the first three sessions are done via one-way cam and text chat”

    This sounds like a straight-up “private webcam show” with any of a thousand Russian strippers. But at $150/hr, it costs more than a session in-person with my therapist, who has a PhD is Psychology.

  2. I don’t know about you, but porn is nowhere near the same thing as reality for me. A real girl is like 100x better.