Vanessa Hudgens Gets “Beastly” – But What about those Nude Photos?

Vanessa Hudgens co stars with “I am Number Four” leading man Alex Pettyfer in “Beastly” – a classical adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast.”

In recent interviews she talks about her attraction to the “Bad Boy “in her movie – “I feel like a lot of girls think it’s easier to go under the radar, to not really stand up and let their true selves be known And I feel like when that happens, a lot of girls look up to guys who embody that, who are just truly out there and, of course, my character falls for that, as a lot of other girls would.”

Beastly hits theatres on Friday.

It was long ago when we were reporting other Vanessa Hudgens news – Nude photos were leaked online on September 2007 and then August 2009. In 2007 – the photos were of her partitially nude and in lingerie. The photos of her in 2009 were MUCH more scandalous – showing her topless in suggestive poses in different locations.

Looking for the Nude Photos of Vanessa Hudgens? Check out the photos here!

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2 Responses to Vanessa Hudgens Gets “Beastly” – But What about those Nude Photos?

  1. whoa vanessa hudgens very cute whole other lots wow perhaps lonely of damn that vanessa hudgens suggest a boby sure beautiful “bliss of america help to smile” lots excite the people nosy. but their dare the los angles force a famous whole salary? huh luck get a new boyfriend?

  2. Bobby Ewing says:

    Well, this being the third round of 2011 nude pics from Vanessa Hudgens – doesn’t this really make you think that this is really no accident. This girl is just starved for attention. Plain and simple.