Charlie Sheen Goddesses: Meet Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly (PHOTOS)!

Looks like Charlie Sheen is trying to outdo Hugh Hefner – or at least Kody Brown (the polygamist from Sister Wives)!

Charlie has been on a PR blitz this week, scheduling back-to-back interviews with top news shows like The Today Show, Piers Morgan and, of course, Radar Online (lol) but it’s not just Charlie who’s appearing on the media tour – he has his two goddesses Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly with him as well.

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The two girls, who not only have sexual relations with the Two and a Half Men star but also act as second and third moms for Charlie’s twin boys, say they are completely happy with the way they run their lives and that they’re both in love with Charlie Sheen.

Sheen admits that he’s been dating Kenly and Oberlin (also known as Bree Olsen) for a few months and both ladies accompanied him on his latest vacation to the Bahamas.

Rachel is 23 years old and Kenly is 24. Charlie is 45.

You can meet the girls in the video below:

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3 Responses to Charlie Sheen Goddesses: Meet Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly (PHOTOS)!

  1. This douchebag makes 2 million per episode, bangs 2 hot chicks (one of which is an incredibly successful porn star), parties everyday and then he has the guts to complain about his “shitty” financial situation?!


  2. Bree (heretofore and formerly known as Rachel is a talented performer with a great personality. Mr. Sheen is an extremely lucky man. If anyone can turn him around , Bree Olson can.

  3. They probably hate him but like all his money that he has.