Oscars 2011: Top 5 Hottest Women on the Red Carpet

The Oscars are here and with that comes hot girls in hot hair with hot outfits. With beauties like host Anne Hathaway and nominees Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams milling about – it’s not to find gorgeous leading ladies at the famous ceremony!

So it’s only natural that we come up with the top hottest women on the red carpet today.

Here is our top 5 hottest women at the 83rd Academy Awards Ceremony last night:

5. Jennifer Hudson – While her dress sucked and kind of hurt my eyes – there’s no denying that Jennifer Hudson is one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood! Showing off her new fit bod in this dress, she definately made our short list for hottest women on the red carpet!

4. Scarlet Johannson – Another craptastic dress but again, no denying that Scarlet Johnnson has and will always be the one of the hottest girls on the red carpet. Showing up with Jeremy Renner as her date, this is the first Oscars without her ex Ryan Reynolds. Maybe he was the one dressing her this whole time?

3. Michelle Williams – Showing up at the red carpet in style, Michelle Williams wow’d or woo-ed the crowd with her translucent dress. Looking sophisticated and sexy, she’s a top contender for hottest girl to hit the red carpet this year!

2. Jennifer Lawrence – How could you have a red carpet without someone wearing a hot red dress? Jennifer Lawrence showed off in an elegant, simple red dress this weekend that had heads turning and tongues wagging I’m sure.

1. Mila Kunis – Our top pick for this years red carpet has got to be Mila Kunis. The dress mixes lace with an already see through fabric giving her some serious eye candy appeal. But what makes her the hottest? The fact that she walked around in it like it was pajamas! I’ve never seen someone look so comfy in an Oscar frock making her not only the hottest but the coolest girl to walk the red carpet this year.

Do you agree with our list? Who do you think rocked the red carpet?

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  1. Cate Blachett. The Givenchy Couture quickly grew on me. She was gorgeous. I thought Anne Hathaway who (for all intents and purposes) hosted by herself, and looked beautiful.