Lady Gaga – Born This Way Video (Watch!) – Too Crazy?

Lady Gaga has gotten herself into the news again. After releasing her song “Born this Way” a couple of weeks ago, she’s now released the official music video via Facebook this morning!

The video is all kinds of provocative – the opening scenes have ovaries in fireworks/stars, she talks for at least 3 minutes about birthing a new race within the race of humanity. I gotta say watching the first couple of minutes it became very apparent very quickly that Lady Gaga is a nut-bar.

Let us say for a moment that we follow this little “birthing – new humanity metaphor” that she goes on about in the beginning. What does this have to do with dancing around in your bra & underwear (super sexy by the way, Victoria Secret?), dressing up like Skeletor in a tuxedo grabbing at your crotch, and the wild orgies and unicorns floating about.

Lady Gaga – if this is an invitation to your world – I regretfully decline.

Here’s the video:

What do you think about the new lady gaga video?

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2 Responses to Lady Gaga – Born This Way Video (Watch!) – Too Crazy?

  1. Here’s what I always ask myself about art of the performance variety. Without the smoke and mirrors would it still hold up? Lady Gaga = No …

    …and this song… hahaha… I love the logic behind it. I’m sure if Hitler were still alive it would be his mantra.

  2. musicismylife88 says:

    WOW James, that’s a mighty strong statement! haha

    I agree, this song is pale in comparison to all the glitz she’s puts up around it in the music video. The performance at the grammys wasn’t that impressive and she just tries to out-gaga herself.

    I saw this video by a girl named Avery who just sang the song without any costumes or special effect mirrors and think it’s what Lady Gaga should do See what I mean? If Lady Gaga would just sing without all the distractions, people may start taking her seriously again. Right now it’s like she’s in the looney bin with Charlie Sheen haha