Charlie Sheen on Today Show – Wants $3 million an episode (Video!)

Charlie Sheen was interviewed on the Today Show this morning where he candidly talked about Drugs, tiger blood,  his Adonis DNA and his war with Chuck Lorre.

How did he look? Like a frail bobble head – so frail that it’s hard to believe he’s actually clean. When asked how he managed to make himself so he replied, “I closed my eyes and made it so.. with the power of my mind.”

But how? The reporter at the Today Show dug until Charlie Sheen explained that he had turned his house into a crises management center (not a rehab – because you need a licence for that of course.) He named this crisis management center – the Sober Valley Lodge.

“The Sober Valley Lodge?” The interviewer asks, “You named your HOUSE that?”

“Well yaa,” Charlie Sheen replied in a 10 year old boy whine, “Cause that’s what it is.” How could we be so daft? He explained that AA was in no part associated with the Sober Valley Lodge and his primary client has done very well thus far.

Isn’t the first step admitting you have a problem? Seems to me if your renaming your house a crises management center, and acting like you’re the CEO rather then the primary client then you’re not really owning up to struggles – but who am I to judge?

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Next up on the list of topics was the cancellation of Two & a Half Men and his subsequent “angry” radio interviews that soon followed.

“Passionate.” Is how he described his angry ravings. “My Passion was misinterpreted as anger.” And he’s at war he says, because the show’s creators are trying to destroy his family.
But How will he cope? “Defeat is not an option” he says, “They picked a fight with a warlock.” He says he plans to fight the corporation with zeal, focus and violent hatred.

At this point, Sheen begins to speak to Chuck Lorre directly – with questions he happens to have in his pocket. Most have to do with why Chuck Lorre decided to halt production. He seems to think he had nothing to do with this at all.

What are his demands? Charlie Sheen asks Chuck Lorre for $3 million an episode to return to the show. “Everybody thinks I should be begging for my job back and everybody else will be begging me for my job back. That’s how I roll. Defeat is not an option.”

What do you think about Charlie’s demands – should be be awarded $3million an episode?

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3 Responses to Charlie Sheen on Today Show – Wants $3 million an episode (Video!)

  1. Hell, NO! There’s no talent there anymore, and the American audience is tired of Sheen’s depraved behavior. Word, Charlie: OVER!

  2. Absolutely!!!!! He has proven his talent time and again and has made those fatcats at the studios a sick amount of money. His travails outside of work is noones business except for himself and his family. A lot of people are attacking him out of jealousy. He has worked hard and put in his time. Why else do millions of people follow his career. Leave the man alone and let the genius do his job, because that us what he is, an absolute GENIUS and of course WARLOCK!!!! l8Ter!!!!!!

  3. Oh and YES!!! I think he deserves $5 mil an episode!! The rest of the cast deserve a large increase as well for that idiot who cancelled the show this season!!! L8ter!!!!