Ben Roethlisberger & Ashley Harlan Wedding Announced!

The Pittsburgh Steels Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger announced his wedding date with college student Ashley Harlan. The “Save the Date” Announcement was on over the weekend as well as their wedding registry list.

Apparently, the wedding date is set to be on July 23 in Pittsburgh. More formal invitations are to follow.

News broke out about the couple in January.

Roethisberger is a bit of a wild card. He was suspended for the first four games on the season when he violated the NFL personal conduct policy. He was accused of sexually assaulting a 20 year old college student back in March.

All this sexual assaulting happened while dating the unfortunate lucky Ashley Harlan.

You’ve got yourself a winner Ashley – no wonder news about your wedding is so quiet. I’d be a bit embarrassed too.

What do you think about the news? Did you care less than i did?

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5 Responses to Ben Roethlisberger & Ashley Harlan Wedding Announced!

  1. it isn’t known if they were dating last march. and if i had to guess they probably were not

  2. Hey tiffany if you don’t care about big ben then why report on him? Or does anyone care LESS than i do? Let the man live his life and move on. Report on real issues like oh i don’t know how about michael vick and his dog killing days, oh i forgot you have to be a REAL reporter to do that!!! Move on girl or are you jealous??

  3. Whogives Asht says:

    Get your head out of your butt. This lady has not been a college student for a couple years. She is a medical professional, a Physician’s Assistant, which is a very important position. Even more so since obamacare ruined doctors’ incentive to practice.

  4. I think Tiffany is right. Who really cares about this jerk. He assaulted a woman and got away with it and now some dumb girl is gonna marry him a year later. Please don’t don’t me you think this is a good choice people?

  5. Brian and Tiffany your both idiots. *T your probably fat and jealous and probably need to get laid. That’s all I have to say.