Toyota Recall 2011: (New Pedal Issue!) Are you affected? Check out the List!

Another Toyota Recall has hit – this time for 2.17 million vehicles over a pedal issue.

Apparently, Toyota is trying to find ways to prevent accelerator pedals from jamming into floor mats or be pinched. The issue has caused some people to jolt forward unexpectedly.

In January we spoke of another Toyota Recall – You can find all the cars that were affected here.

If you’ve been affected you will receive a letter in the mail. When Toyota has found the problem – you will receive a second notification. You will then be able to bring your cars to the dealer for repair.

What does this mean for Toyota?

For a car company known for their quality – they sure have had some problems this year! Over 14 million vehicles have been recalled in the last 18 months for safety and quality problems.

List of Cars affected by the Recall

–          4Runner SUVS 2003-2009: 603k were affected

–          Lexus LX 570 2008-2011: 17k were affected

–          RAV 4 Compact SUVS 2006-2010: 761k were affected

–          Lexus RX 330, RX350 & RX 400H 2004-2007: 372k were affected

–          Toyota Highlander SUV 2004-2006: 397k were affected

–          Lexus GS 300 & 350 2006-2007: 20k were affected

Was your car affected?

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