Neil Strauss Looks at Gaga & Snoop Dog – What makes them successful?

Neill Strauss is kind of a big deal. He’s mostly known for his best selling book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists but has also been a contributing editor at Rolling Stone, and a writer for the New York Times. Recently he turned heads with a provocative piece “God at the Grammys: The Chosen Ones” in the WallStreet Journal looking at what links some of the most successful musicans of our time after the wake of the Grammys.

He quotes Lady Gaga: “It’s hard to just chalk it all up to myself,” Lady Gaga said of her success, explaining that there was “a higher power that’s been watching out for me.”

He quotes Snoop Dogg: “[He] makes everything happen,” he said. “He put me in that situation with Death Row, and he took me out of it.”

He quotes Christina Aguilera: “All of this isn’t something that I did,” she told me. “It’s something that is totally there for a purpose.”

Who is the missing link that connects all their fortune? God.

For his soon to be released book, Strauss explains in his article that he compiled endless interviews and reached one puzzling conclusion:

“Believing that God wants you to be famous actually improves your chances of being famous.”

And surprisingly, this meant that most famous musicians believed that they didn’t deserve their success – or it was a mere coincidence.

This divine conviction has allowed these stars to believe they are God’s chosen ones. It helps them get over the physical burdens of being famous, and the endless criticism they may believe.

Even stars like Eminem who have used every opportunity to offend and criticize others believes that God is on his side. He writes, “God Sent me To Piss the world off” Strauss writes quoting him from his first album’s hit single “My Name is” and quoting an interview in Vibe where he says, “”I do believe in God, and I do pray.… God is my higher power, and he always has been.”

There is something to be said about these interviews. He writes that there are a lot less exceptions than you might think. A good portion of the world’s most successful musicians believe that God made them famous.

What do you think about Strauss’ Theory? Do you think the belief in God  could be a success indicator?

Read his article here.

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