Charlie Sheen Has 2 Girlfriends: Meet Chronic Model Natalie Kenly

Charlie Sheen has been busy. Between the crack pipes, morning after pills and porn stars life could get pretty hectic. Good thing he’s on hiatus!

New to the scene is Natalie Kenly, a model whose graced the covers of Cali Chronic X Magazine. For those of you that don’t know the mag is dedicated to fans of pot. Seems a little lite for our favorite lil’ crack pot but maybe he’ll break her in.

The relationship has been going on for a few months. Reports say that Sheen has been very romantic with the model and she has described the relationship as a whirlwind.

Sheen even went so far as to whisk her, his porn star girlfriend Bree Olson and not so “estranged” wife Brooke Mueller to an island near the Bahamas where he’ll stay until he’s expected back to the set of “Two and Half Men” on Tuesday. Brooke  Mueller has reportedly moved back in with him with his children until her house is finished being built.

I think it’s tough to be Charlie Sheen. I mean seriously. How can we expect the man to recover with porn stars following him around, enough money to jet him all over the world, and a soon to be ex wife that can’t even be bothered to stay mad at him? We shall see Tuesday if he can get his act together and save the show and his coworkers from complete oblivion.

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