Dragon Age 2 Demo Available – Download Now!

Bioware has just released its much anticipated Sequel to Dragon Age and the demo is available now on the Xbox. PS3 and PC gamers will have to wait till tomorrow for the game download to be available.

The 2009 Dragon Age shipped over 3 million units during its initial launch. There’s been several DLC packs released since then and all have been hugely popular.

What can you expect from the demo?

The demo will take you through the prologue of the game where you can choose from three character classes. You will then be brought to Kirkwall for a tour, Dragon Age 2’s new location.

What happens if you finish the demo?

You will unlock the Hayder’s Razor, a dwarven blade. This will give you some extra boosts to various abilities when the actual version comes out.


Best of all Bioware has added that if the sequel’s demo is downloaded enough – say, one million logins and downloads across all gaming platforms before March 1 – then they will release two special items for some in game awesomeness.

How awesome are the bonuses?

Well if you must know – The reward items are represented as books: “The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall” will give you some extra dough for the game and “Lothering’s Lament” will give you a much needed XP boost.

There’s one ITSY BITSY requirement: You must log into your EA Game Account while playing the demo to be counted!

Download the Demo on Xbox Now!

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