Corey Brewer 2011 Knicks: Was it a Good Trade? Fans Speak Out!

The Knicks has quite the busy day yesterday. Not only did they acquire Carmelo Anthony yesterday but they also swapped Corey Brewer for Anthony Randolph. This was a bit of a surprise since most were reporting that he’d be heading to Denver as part of the Anthony trade.

Will the shooting guard help or harm the team? Losing Randolph means losing a 7’3 wingspan – was it worth it?

On the one hand Corey Brewer can bring with him his speed and high quality dunks. On the other hand you’re looking at a player who hasn’t been very consistent in a half-court game and lacking on the defense.  

This is what some fans had to say:

Fly Eagles Fly: That’s good I always liked Corey Brewer, especially last year when he put his nuts into Derek Fisher. He finally has a better spotlight to play in than the Timbs now… IMO he’s really fun to watch

LifeisGoodMan: Call me crazy but the piece of the trade that makes me like it a little bit is Corey Brewer

Theweathaman: O shit the Knicks got Corey Brewer…they gonna solid.

BigJessups: Oh Dang Corey Brewer is finally gone. Best news in a while.

So while sports reporters are reporting that this isn’t the best trade and doesn’t help the Knicks – fans seem to support the move. And hey, it’s all about the fans right?

What do you think about the Brewer Trade? Will he help or harm the Knicks?

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