Camille Grammer Playboy Past (Photos!)

If you’re trying to hide your past – Never EVER join a reality show known for following around a group of vindictive, catty, jealous, creepy old ladies with nothing but time on thier hands.

Such is the case for poor poor Camille Grammer.

Apparently, The Housewives of Beverly Hills are mad that she left the show. You know, as if having your husband divorce you to marry a 23 year old isn’t bad enough.. they wanted her to still rot on their crummy reality show. They were so mad and had sooo much time to kill now that they weren’t plotting against eachother that they decided to join forces — in an  elderly 75% plastic & fake parts superhuman destroyer crew kind of way — to embarass Camille.

So they hit the internet in search of Camille Donatacci – Camille’s maiden name – trying to find anything that might show her in a trashy light.

And they hit the jackpot.

Apparently before Camille Grammer was Camille Grammer she was Camille Donatacci the MTV Club girl. She go go danced for the show and eventually caught Hugh Hefner’s attention and began her Playboy career. Sources say that she was in at least 13 Playboy shoots and at least 2 porn movies – Marilyn Chambers’ Bedtime Stories & The Naked Detective.

I kinda wish i could come up with that much dirt on my neighbors.. Err.. wait no I don’t.

Anyways.. Here are some of the pictures:



What do you think of Camille Grammer’s Playboy Career?

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