Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Model Search – Who Do you Think Should Win?

Sports Illustrated has teamed up with Nissan for their very own “Model Search”. Until this year a model has never been guaranteed a spot — until now. Eight up and coming models from around the globe are competiting for the prestigious title.

Nissan announced thier “Model vs. Model” campaign which pits their cars against each of the swimsuit models. From speed to beauty, the campaign measures all key attributes of both car and lovely lady. The study appears in a gatefold surrounding the spread, and a Microsoft TagReader icon delivers footage of the actual tests directly to the phones of curious individuals around the globe. The videos are hosted by the Juke Guy, and feature the same test subjects appearing in the print portion of the campaign. If anything, we’ve learned that education can be fun.

Check out the videos below and get a sneak peak at the hot models in the Model Search competition!

Video 1: Agility

Video 2: Acceleration

Video 3: Aerodynamics

Video 4: Curb Appeal

Who do you think is the hottest?

Find out more about the contest at:

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