Levi’s Ex-Girlfriend Jeans for Men – Would you Wear Them?

Levi’s has decided that “Boyfriend” Jeans need a “Girl-friend” equivalent – “Ex-Girlfriend” that is.

They’ve come up with a new super-skinny jean that’s to “tribute” the ex-girlfriend you might have had who had great fashion sense.


I might be totally off-base here, but do you want  to remind yourself of your ex-girlfriend by wearing crouch hugging pants? And if you loved your ex-girlfriend’s skinny jeans SO much that you needed a pair of your own.. i think we have more issues we need to discuss.

So remind yourself of that women you had in your life who squeezed the life out of you with Levi’s New “Skinny” Jeans!


I can’t say that I would enjoy it if a guy 1) wore jeans smaller than mine 2) that reminded him of his ex girlfriend 3) that should off his super skinny legs… not so dreamy.

Someone is soooo going to get fired for this.

What do you think — Would you wear the new super skinny jean?

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9 Responses to Levi’s Ex-Girlfriend Jeans for Men – Would you Wear Them?

  1. Yea I’d rock em. They look good with the right outfit and shoes

  2. Dudes who CAN wear skinny jeans need to hit the gym. This is a fad best left to the ladies…and only a select FEW of the ladies at that. And ladies, if you’re gonna wear them, please go for the heel.

  3. Same as Levi’s 510 super skinny jeans, slight stretch. If you’re not fat, flaunt it. btw they accommodate developed muscles.

  4. Creepy looking. Guys who wear these jeans don’t have ex-girlfriends. They have ex-beards.

  5. I’d wear them, but I would buy a size big

  6. Looking for this for a long time They look and feel good on your body.

  7. They look great! Just wish they’d come in longer inseam…

  8. why wear the ex girlfriend when you couls wear the actual girlfriend

    No I would not wear those emo jeans they are way to skinny and ugly . I do wear women;s levis though , I like the 525 perfect waist they have a guy look with a girl feel . I also have a pair of womens 550 that feel and fit incredible

    womens levis are way better for a guy as long as you wear the right size . No sagging and falling down when you walk , soft and stretchy so you can move around in them .

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