Justin Bieber Fans Hijack Esperanza Spalding’s Wiki Page – Hilarity Ensues.

Justin Bieber fans are bat $h*t crazy. It seems their “endless love” for the pre-pubescent sixteen year old has a tendency to make them a bit rage-y.  First they wanted to kill Selena Gomez after rumors surfaced they might be dating, now they’re plotting against Esperanza Spalding. At least they were last night when they hijacked Esperanza Spaulding’s wiki page. This happened after Spalding won the best new artist award at the 53rd Grammy Awards. An award they feel Justin Bieber deserved  more the other artists in the same category – like Drake, Florence & the Machine and Mumford & Sons.

 On the wiki page image to the right you can see where the Bieberiffic fan so eloquently posted:



In other news: Esperanza Spalding’s middle name seems to be “Quesadilla”. Obviously her parents had no love for her and for that reason alone she should totally win a Grammy.

And if that doesn’t work out she can open up an Esperanza Quesadilla Truck.

Mmm.. I”m hungry.

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4 Responses to Justin Bieber Fans Hijack Esperanza Spalding’s Wiki Page – Hilarity Ensues.

  1. You spelled her last name wrong in your title.

  2. Thanks Man!

  3. What do u mean her parents had no love for her? Her mother raised her a a single parent and loved her. I’m a grown woman that doesnt like kid music by Justin. Before u write the wrong ass article get ur facts right! U must be white and racist

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