Grammy Awards 2011 – Rihanna See Through Dress – Hot or Not?

After battling laryngitis and bronchitis for the past week – Rihanna walked the red carpet in style with a white dress that left very little to the imagination.

Rihanna cancelled her Thursday night performance at a women’s cancer research event due to her illness. Cee-Lo green ended up filling in. Lucky for us, she showed up to tonight’s event and is scheduled to perform.

Tonight she’s also nominated for six Grammys – several of which for her Eminem collaboration “Love the Way You Lie”

However, all this probably will mean nothing by tomorrow. There’s bigger more important things at stake – like the famous Jean Paul Gaultier dress that Rihanna was wearing. The dress is a white little number – a mixture of sheer and fluffy in all the right places.

Although the dress looks like a fluffy version of an Oscar statue – I’ll admit it’s hot. I don’t know anyone else who could have pulled it off quite like Rihanna.

Check out the video below:

What do you think of about Rihanna at the Grammy Awards – Hot or Not?

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6 Responses to Grammy Awards 2011 – Rihanna See Through Dress – Hot or Not?

  1. Our Lady of Wisdom - Hazel A. Brown says:

    Rihanna’s dress is beautiful, but I personally feel that it should be worn behind closed doors, as a lingerie item, as apposed to Grammy Attire.
    I further feel that it sends the wrong message to our young women.

    Young ladies should know that the “Best Award” that they can ever or will ever receive, is “Respect”.

    They should never feel as if They have to expose themselves, to get respect, or in order to
    – Go To The Next Level
    – Upstage A Competitor
    – Climb The Ladder To Success
    – Be The Most Extreme

    A young lady should never result to nudity, as a method of increasing her popularity or her marketability.

    From Our Lady of Wisdom:
    Hazel A. Brown,

  2. I agree with you Hazel. This is the most disgusting display of appropriate attire for public viewing/appearance. It is apparent that she IS NOT a Role Model for young ladies, and is definitely sending the wrong message for herself of other young women.

  3. I was a little surprised. Usually these type of dresses have a skin colored lining so it only looks like it is see through. Hers is see through. She’s beautiful, but I think she should have opted for the lining.

  4. she crazy wearing that dress in awards.

  5. I like your dress but u shoud have covered the important parts of the body the dress woud have been beautiful.