Madonna Express Yourself vs. Lady Gaga Born This Way: Copied (Watch)?

Lady Gaga’s new song Born This Way is sparking a lot of media attention today as the hit was just released on radio this morning at 6:30am. While most of Gaga’s little monsters are basking in the glory of their favorite artist’s next chart topper, there are many arguing that Gaga stole the theme from Madonna’s Express Yourself!

There’s no denying that the two tracks are incredibly similar (it’s also similar to David Guetta’s When Love Takes Over – you should look that one up too) but isn’t that what Lady Gaga does? Does anyone really think her music is original? I mean, Alejandro was ripped-off of Madonna’s hit La Isla Bonita, wasn’t it?

All I’m saying is that Gaga takes a lot of credit for producing completely original songs (she claims that Born This Way was written in 10 minutes) but she doesn’t show any appreciation or give any credit to the artists whose music inspired her so much that she felt the need to copy them?

If Britney Spears received criticism from The Bellamy Brothers for her hit Hold It Against Me (which, in my opinion sounds nothing like their song), why isn’t Madonna calling out Gaga?

Take a look at the two videos below and try and tell us that Lady Gaga didn’t completely rip off Madonna’s  Express Yourself:



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10 Responses to Madonna Express Yourself vs. Lady Gaga Born This Way: Copied (Watch)?

  1. O esquema de cenas do Express yourself da Madonna parece muito com o começo do clipe Alejandro da Gaga! Prestem atenção…

  2. Yes I agree lady gaga completely ripped off Madonna the minute I heard the song I thought of madonna and quite frankly I don’t even like her or listen to her music but I know express yourself. What bothers me the most is that she constantly sells herself as 100% original and doesn’t give credit when she has been clearly inspired. But of course her lil monsters will eat it up and ignore the obvious along with most of the entertainment media except maybe the blogs. If I were Madonna I would be piss.

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  4. Meredith Nguyen says:

    I feel that Madonna is okay with it, because she was (and is still very) successful during her time and right now. She would just be making more money and giving it away to the needy as for Lady Gaga making more money off her songs and doing whatever she does with her money. Personally, that’s what I think. I love the lyrics to her song. Very awe inspiring for people who want to be different but the music is similar to Madonna. I’m pretty sure Madonna is enjoying today’s pop like Britney (when she was very huge in the 90’s) and Lady Gaga being very huge in this generation. I mean, she’s getting old, why bother having a fit? Did you see Lady Gaga and Madonna on SNL? Friendly people acting on the show together.

  5. Dear writer, you’re obviously ignorant as Madonna’s express yourself is itself a cover of respect yourself.
    love, monster.

  6. Alejandro and La isla bonita? but some said “Dont turn a round” by Ace of Base??
    Now BTW with Express yourself? personally i dont hear smiliarity except the beats sound a bit same, it packed and dense…that’s make it sound smiliar but if we listen to Her when singing to VMA’s it’s was different…Hope the Madonna and gaga make it clear and change the beats and everything will sound better..i guess she also dont want to hear as the same because she worked on this for few months

  7. check out this guy’s mashup of “born this way” and “express yourself” and a few other songs… pretty good. he got popular last year for being tweeted by glee’s cory monteith.

  8. Madonna has said something about it. She and her people emailed Lady Gaga saying Madonna likes Gaga’s song (this was said on the recent Jay Leno interview).

  9. Lourenço, you are an idiot, first because you call yourself a monster, second because you don’t know what you are talking about. Express yourself is not a cover of Respect Yourself. A cover is a new performance or recording of a previously recorded, commercially released song or popular song. Express yourself only has one lyric that is similar, thereby, it is not a cover. Born this way is a rip off of Express yourself, plain and simple. Your mother monster is a hypocrite, untalented, faded xerox pop c*nt, who is fooling you with Madonna’s old looks, music and act. Get a life, go to school, get an education and burn your mother to the ground. For those who say that Madonna liked the song because CaCa said her and her people emailed her, Madonna came out and said she was not aware of ANY email. So piss off.

    Lady Gaga rules and im proud to call my self a little monster no mater what she isnt copying of lady gaga lady gaga rules