Recipes Every Man Should Know – Giveaway Winner!

Well if you were ever looking to cook the easy way – we’ve got the perfect book for you! This book covers everything from Hearty Breakfasts to Sandwiches, Burgers & Snacks, Meat & Potato Dinners, Beer, Bacon & Bar Food and of course desserts to keep their women  happy!

Why should you know how to cook?
  •  Women think men who cook are sexy.
  •  It involves fire, sharp instruments and meat.
  •  Women think men who cook are sexy, and it involves, fire, sharp   instruments and meat.

I’m not a big cook but i have to say that this book made EVERYTHING so easy. I made the mac & cheese, better than ihop pancakes & the pasta carbonara – delish! I even got stuck having to make a dessert for an impromptu dinner at a friends and was able to whip up the No Bake Cheesecake in about 10 minutes. This book is utter genius!

Last week we announced our Recipes Every Man Should Know By: Susan Russo & Brett Cohen Giveway..

And the winner is..

Lisa Smith

Congrats!  Check your email for more info on claiming your prize.

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