Casio’s EDIFICE Watch Giveaway

Speed, intelligence, panache – let your wrist define who you are with the EDIFICE Black Label Collection from Casio, Casio’s new brand of men’s timepieces. These versatile watches encompass modern, timeless luxury and the return of the wristwatch for uptown deal makers and downtown style cravers. Through the launch of the new, racecar-inspired Black Label collection, EDIFICE captures the sophistication of style with the intellectual tasks of your most powerful machine. The collection speaks to the well-rounded man who’s going places, from the boardroom to the ballpark, ambition is the name of this watch’s game.

What’s so special about the EDIFICE?

Activate Dial – 1/100th Chronograph
• 100M Water Resistant
• Dual 1/100th Second Stopwatch w/50 lap memory x2
• Countdown Timer
• Auto EL Backlight
• World Time (50 city + UTC)
• Daily Alarm
• Thermometer
• 12/24 Hour Formats
• Mineral Glass
• Luminous Color Index and Color LCD
• Stainless Steel
• MSRP: $200

For more information:

This week we’re giving away an  Edifice Black Label Collection Watch to ONE Lucky Manolith Reader!

Here are a few ways to enter:

  • Comment Below telling us why you want to win!
  • Follow on Twitter
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  • Become a fan of Manolith on Facebook
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  • The more times you enter, the more chances you have to win! Just remember to leave a comment for each contest entry you complete. (Ex. “I tweeted this” and then add the link of your tweet.)

    Note: Please use a valid email address. Contest open to US & Canadian residents only.

    The winners will be chosen randomly. Giveaway ends Wednesday February 16, 2011.  The winner will be reached by email, and announced on the blog on that same day.

    Good luck!

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    240 Responses to Casio’s EDIFICE Watch Giveaway

    1. your fan on FB (gala ya)

    2. i would love to win because i do not have a watch and this watch is amazing!

    3. your fb fan tony l smoaks

    4. like this post (gala ya)

    5. your twitter follower @fdp4life

    6. Looks like a great watch.

    7. liked and shared on facebook tony l smoaks

    8. I like manolith on FB
      Susan S

    9. Following Manolith on twitter susan1215

    10. love the watch, it would make a great gift

    11. i need new watch and i like it

    12. I’ve got a great hubby and he is a watch freak!

    13. follow on Twitter-dresdenrain

    14. Jessica Kaufman says:

      I’d like to win for my husband because I totally skipped out on a Valentine’s Day gift for him. I got something for the kids and nothing for him.

    15. Jessica Kaufman says:

      I follow you on twitter @Macmomof3

    16. Jessica Kaufman says:

      I follow you on Facebook

    17. Jessica Kaufman says:

      liked the giveaway on facebook

    18. I follow you on twitter suelee1998
      suelee1998 @

    19. Jessica Kaufman says:

      Stumbled the giveaway as Macmomof3

    20. I want to win because I’m in need of a new watch!

    21. Following on Twitter – @bigvincec

    22. fan of Manolith on Facebook

    23. I liked and shared the page using the button on the top right of this post

    24. I’d love it to surprise my husband 🙂

    25. Heather Garcia says:

      would love to win for my husband our 14yr anniversary is coming up

    26. Melody Alexis says:

      I’d love this watch to give my husband for his birthday which coming up soon.

    27. I would like to win because this is a great looking watch that I would give to my husband.

    28. Rachael Ashcraft says:

      I would like to win this for my Dad. He is gonig through a hard time and it would be nice to give him something to cheer him up.

    29. My husband’s birthday is coming up…:)

    30. My husband would love this for his birthday

    31. I would love to have this watch.

    32. I would like ot win this one!

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