Man Apologizes While Robbing Store: Most Polite Thief Ever (Watch)

I’ve never been robbed before. Thankfully, I’ve never been in a situation that comes even close to being robbed but, if I did, I would most certainly want to be robbed by this man (see video below) who not only apologizes while robbing the convenience store but actually thanks the man behind the till.

In what seems like the most bizarre – and most under dramatic – robbery of all time, the man in the video slowly pulls out a gun and asks the employee to politely remove the cash from the till.

“I’m robbing you, sir” he says. “I need the money, I’ve got kids that need to be fed…I really, I really am sorry to have to do this but I have kids,” he explains.

When the man starts taking the money out of the till, the robber continues to say “Thank you very much, I appreciate it and I really am sorry and if I ever get back on my feet again, I will bring it back.”

The man behind the till tells the robber “I’m sorry, God be with you.” The robber, one last time, tells the worker he’s sorry as well.

I’ve seen more intense, dramatic exchanges between two people when someone is given an extra cream in their coffee during their morning Starbucks run. Seriously.

Here’s the video:

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One Response to Man Apologizes While Robbing Store: Most Polite Thief Ever (Watch)

  1. I can see how that conversation went down with the manager.

    “Well, he was just so gosh darn polite that I couldn’t refuse a man of that fine etiquette the money he and his kids rightly deserve.”