Wing Bowl 2011: Who Took Home Gold?

Super Bowl 2011 is just days away but the second most popular sporting event of the season took place in Philadelphia yesterday and only one man could come out on top.

The 2011 Wing Bowl features 26 hungry men who compete to see who can demolish the highest number of wings  in a single sitting. You may – or may not – be surprised to hear who won.

While he spends his days calculating numbers behind a desk, Jonathon “Super” Squib holds the crown for the third time after consuming 255 wings (and approximately 40,000 calories). Impressive!

Not only did the accountant-by-day/wing-eating-champion-by-night winner beat out all of the competitors (including El Wingadore and Drunken Mussel) but he also set a new Wing Bowl record – score!

So what will he do now that he’s accomplished his only goal for the year?

“I’ll probably have a pizza,” he says.

I guess his New Year’s resolution wasn’t to work out and eat healthier.

Congratulations Jonathon – I guess.

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