Charlie Sheen Caught on Tape! – Drunk and Dancing (Watch!)

All this talk of Charlie Sheen partying it up lately has made me a little curious – what kind of guy is he? Is he someone you’d want to party with?

Well, if you want to party with a 16 year old boy who looks like he’s getting drunk for the first time – then yes, he’d be someone you’d want to party with. TMZ released a photo of Charlie Sheen on the night of his infamous cocaine bender, a day before his “hernia” hospitalization. Now TMZ has released the video to go along with it.. and hilarity ensues. In the video, Charlie is dressed in a white shirt, eyes red and he’s getting his dancing on with a bunch of hookers half his age. This would be fine – if he wasn’t screaming out “Eh O” like a two year old.

Oh Charlie, the people around you are starting to cash in on videos and exclusive interviews – and you’re starting to look like a gigantic dork and a tad pathetic.

Can’t you just buy your expensive car, become a recluse and live out your mid life crises in peace?

Have a look at the video..

What do you think about Charlie Sheen in this video?

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