Short Book Review & Giveaway Winners!

Love the Wallstreet movies? – Well then, you’ll love Short.

The book follows Joe Gallagher, a newbie in the energy trading company he works for. He’s looking to strike it rich but has to decide how he will do it. Will he follow the careful, old school Andrews or will he follow the fast & aggressive Ghost, the new boss who pushes the envelope and goes all in – all the time.

Every character in this novel is brilliantly described. You can see them, smell them, and more often than not be disgusted by them. And the story feels real – the awkward situations, the tenseness you even get a sense of how drained they must be at the end of a long insanely stressful day. The steak dinners, the wins/losses of tens of millions of dollars in a single day – everything culminates into a wonderfully detailed book.

While the book is hilarious – I did get a bit bogged down by the energy market’s language. I can say that I understood it better by the end of the book but I still felt like I had to reread passages and look at the glossary at the back of the book to figure out what was going on in the beginning. Either way, I did get the Office meets WallStreet kind of vibe from the book and would suggest it to those who are interested in stocks and energy trading with a whole lot of humor thrown in.

Last week we announced our Book Giveaway with Short by Cort McMeel and today we announce the THREE lucky winners!

And the winners are…

Aliya D



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