Playboy’s February 2011 Playmate Kylie Johnson – Signed Giveaway Winner!

This month Kylie Johnson, Playboy’s February Playmate of the Month, is all about the cuddling.

“I’m very rock-and-roll, but I’m also very romantic,” says the 19-year-old blue-eyed babe. “I’m always spreading the love—always! All I want to do is cuddle all day and convince you not to go to work the next morning. Let’s romance each other.”

When asked about her new title she told us: ““I believe that I could make a difference in the world, whether through charities or simply by inspiring one person to go out and make a change.. And you get to meet Hugh Hefner, which is always a plus!”

Who is Kylie Johnson? This upstate New Yorker & straight-A nursing student was discovered at a Playboy casting call. She loves all kinds of music, ““I was a cheerleader for years,” she says, “but I was the cheerleader who listened to hard-core metal music.” She loves to spend her time snowboarding or hitting the driving range.

Last week we announced our  February’s Playboy issue SIGNED by Kylie Johnson Giveaway and today we announce the winner!

And the winner is..


Congrats!  Check your email for more info on claiming your prize.

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