hiybbprqag – How Google Caught Bing in the Act!


Oh Bing! You were supposed to be our saving grace – the one we went to when Google led us astray and we just couldn’t make a “decision”. And there you’ve done it..

Got caught with your hand in the cookie jar..  errr.. or maybe the hiybbprqag and mbzrxpgjys jar?


Google announced recently that they caught Microsoft red handed stealing search results. Results that were more than likely collected through date from Google searches performed within the Microsoft toolbar.

Microsoft’s answer?

“We do not copy Google’s results.”

Err.. Actually, Microsoft – you do.

How did Google catch them in the act? They created “synthetic queries” – they tied two terms together that have no connection – For example: “hiybbprqag” to theatre seating in LA — and watched as those same results appeared on Bing.

It’s not that Google can really do anything about it. Google hasn’t exactly copyrighted its search results – but it’s just a nice little way for Google to remind us that they are still on top.

What do you think about the Google play?

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4 Responses to hiybbprqag – How Google Caught Bing in the Act!

  1. Who cares

  2. Good job bing….we don’t need Google monopoly….we need competitors….else google will dictate life of people search in future.

  3. I’m a Google guy through and through… they run their company right, and they set the industry standard… all for the competition as well, but come team Gates, when you’re caught, just smile sheepishly and move about your business…don’t deny it!?

  4. The object of competition is to be better than your rivals. If you’re using a rivals methods or results, you can only be, at best, equivalent to them. How does it help US if result on Google and Bing are exactly the same? It doesn’t.
    Bing is not trying to give their customers a better search experience. Either Bing can’t compete with Google, or doesn’t care enough about its customers to try.
    This is Bing trying to siphon off cash and make itself relevant. Getting caught just reinforces their inadequacies and irrelevance. Epic Epic Fail.