Tumblr TumBeasts – Tumblr Gets a Fail Whale.. Sort of

Tumblr goes down.. often. And usually when this happens you get a “We’ll be Back Shortly” message to appease you. So they fixed it.

With an upgrade you ask? Millions of dollars in new servers?

Hell No – This is the INTERNET where down times can be simply be fixed with a down time mascot. You know, like the fail whale on Twitter.

So they created their own fail whale… sort of.

Matthew Inman, a tumblr blogger, author & illustrator had enough. So he decided to take matters into his own hands with a this image of cute little mutants that he calls the Tumbeasts. In an article on CNNMoney.com he writes,

“The site is beautifully designed, but their error page was so freakin’ boring. I had drawn these little monsters about a year ago, and I felt like this was a good time to bring them out.”

A couple of hours after his image was blogged – Tumblr revamped their error page to feature the new mascots.

Although happy they’re up Inman hopes they don’t show up too often – “I remember for about a week I liked the Fail Whale, but after that I hated it so much,” he says. “That hatred can poison any happy little animal.”

What do you think of the new Tumbeasts?

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