Carmen Sandiego & Oregon Trail Hit Facebook (Watch!)

Oh my goodness – I’ve got the nostalgia jitters!

Carmen Sandiego & Oregon Trail were awesome games – primarily because you could play them at school and they thought you were actually “learning” things.
And now Facebook has gone and become more awesome & time sucking YET again with the debut of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” & “Oregon Trail”.

Oregon Trail will go live on February 2 and Carmen Sandiego will go live one week later.

For those of you who have been living under a rock since the 70s – Oregon trail is a video game that was designed to teach kids about the 19th century pioneer life. For those that only understand things in term of Facebook games – it’s like Frontierville BEFORE Frontierville. In the game the player must become a wagon leader and guide their group of settlers from Independence, Missouri to Willamette Valley, Oregon over the Oregon Trail.

Carmen Sandiego was introduced a decade later. In this game, you’re a member of the ACME Detective Agency and it’s your job to capture former ACME agent and V.I.L.E Crime Boss Carmen Sandiego. Follow Carmen and other V.I.L.E. members around the world solving crimes and picking up clues until you have enough to make an arrest. On the last case, you go head to head with Carmen Sandiego herself and put her behind bars.

Want to check out the Game? Here are the trailers below:

Oregon Trail:

Carmen Sandiego:

Will you be a ACME detective or head west at risk of dysentery? Did you used to play either of the games?

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  1. Iam psyched about bout of them comming out this is awesome news