Bob Seger Tour 2011 – Is he coming to a place near you?

Bob Segar officially announced his plans for a North American tour that starts in March 2011.

Bob Seger teased his fanbase with a hint on his website yesterday and today a teaser video was posted which shows a blank map with different states highlighted.

Is he ready for it?

In an article yesterday by Detroit Free Press, Seger is mentioned discussing how mentally and physically challenging a tour can be:

“I’ve got to build up my stamina, my wind, my physical ability to do a live show, because people are going to expect a certain amount of energy,” he said in the days before his 2006 kickoff. “The band is certainly able to deliver it. I have to step up to the plate and get there.”

Although the tour is more than likely going to be fairly long only four states have been announced thus far:

  • Ohio
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Missouri

The press release that announced the Seger and his Silver Bullet Band tour said that dates will be announced shortly. It also stated:

“Fans can expect to see and hear Seger’s timeless classics like ‘Night Moves’ and ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’ alongside a preview of new songs from his forthcoming as yet untitled new release.”

This is the first time hitting the road in four years.

Are you excited about the Bob Seger tour? Will you attend a show?

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46 Responses to Bob Seger Tour 2011 – Is he coming to a place near you?

  1. Yes am excited
    Yes will attend a show
    Had to fly over to the States from England without a hotel or a ticket but Got in to see him none the less
    What a blast it was and I am so ready to do it again

  2. Yes, I will be there. Have been there before and don’t want to miss it. Can’t wait to see where he will be so I can start making arrangements to get there.

  3. HELL YES!!!! 2006-2007 tour I attended 16 shows! Had to quit my job to do it to. Never regreted a minute of it either. Saw all 7 shows in Detroit. Will again too. EVERYONE should go see at least one Bob Seger show. It is WELL worth the time and money.

  4. We flew from England as well to Boston in Jan 2007 for the last tour. We will be there again at one of the concerts this time as well

  5. please come to san diego or somewhere close to it


    Ive been waiting for this and i definately will be there. Seems like they keep getting better.

  7. Saw Bob in Denver in the late ’70’s. We had obstructed view seats in the nosebleeds, and it was still the very best concert I had ever been to. I became a Seger fan to the core and I am awed and inspired by to this day. I always hoped I’d get to see him live again and I will go where ever I have to.

  8. Yes, cannot wait. Love him to death….

  9. I hope he comes to the South! I live in Birmingham, but will travel within reason to see him. I saw Bob Seger in Memphis, Tennessee in 1994 and it was a fantastic concert.

  10. Jane kendzior says:

    I have been a fan since the 70’s. The last concert I saw was in Chicago in2006. It was one of the best ones I saw! He looks old now, but sounded fantastic and did a great set list. Everyone was on there feet, dancing during the whole show.( Not like these lame concerts today where everyone sits cause they are out of shape!)His music makes us all feel like we are young and strong!

  11. Please come within 300 miles of Boise, Idaho! I’ll be there! Hollywood Nights!

  12. USO Tour i.e. to S. Korea would be AWESOME!!

  13. seen Seger numerous times since 1980 and his show in ’07 was still very good and quite powerful. yes everyone who has ever turned on a radio is going to want tickets this time around.

  14. I saw him three times, the last being in Charlotte in 07. I will be there when he comes back to North carolina


  16. george luthin says:

    i would agree with Bob Dylan….Seger is America’s greatest rock and roll singer-song writer, and the SBB is KILLER…..
    i can’t wait…

  17. plase come to n.c. or close to….I would to see you!!!!!!!!!

  18. i was at seger concert opening of his 2006 tour at van andel arena grand rapids mi, bobs wife and kids where next section over from me kind roped off of course , bob came out on stage to one of the loudest applause i ever heard a band get ,

  19. OMG! Yes I am so going! I have waited for many years for another chance to see him. This time I promise, having to work will not win out!! I just can’t hardly wait! Please come to Houston, you are so worth a 100 mile drive!!

  20. john hoffmeister says:

    I saw BOB SEGER 4 times.The 1rst was in Phoenix.The 2nd was at Alpine Valley in Wi.The 3rd was back in Phoenix.And the 4th was i Seattle,Wa. I am a diehard SEGER fan.He is truly the best there is,along with the greatest band to play rock,THE S.B.B. All those shows were dreams come true.Ican only hope and pray that BOB SEGER can make a dream come true once again.For the 5th time.I am 58 years old a would like to see him one more time before i kick-off.COME ON BOB SEGER and THE S.B.B. DO SEATTLE FOR ME ONE MORE TIME.Alot of folks are here waiting to here the rest of the tour dates.thanks,John

  21. Chris Langlois says:

    I”ve seen him live 8 times and absolutely there will be a 9th, his music is timeless, uplifting, the kind of music that EVERYONE has been able to relate to. His songwriting covers experinces, feelings and situations we can all say, hey, I”ve been through that, as though he knows that we have, and he is saying – this one is for you! First saw him at the Goose Lake Festival in 69 or 70, his heart and soul poured out onto that stage back then. A down to earth man and a musical legend. We love him and he loves his fans…like the music that pours from his soul!

  22. bobbie pierce says:

    We saw Bob’s concert in Memphis and Little Rock. We now live in South Arkansas and would like to know when he will be in our area.

  23. eileen jordan says:

    My husband and I have been waiting for you to tour; we missed your concert in. 2006. Looking forward to seeing you in Milw or Chgo. Thx Bob; can’t wait to rock with you again!

  24. Loring Glover says:

    Yes indeedy. What a rocker! I’ve seen Bob three times. I’m not one to stand up when you can see sitting down, but when Bobby is rockin’, I’m up like everyone else…and I don’t sit down until the show is over.
    Let the good times roll.

  25. Bob Seger was my first concert ever. I was in 4th grade in 1976ish and went with my parents in south bend IN. Saw him again in Chicago on the face the promise tour and it was awesome! Will definitely see him in 2011!!!!!!!!!

  26. Never seen him in concert but have danced to and enjoyed his music all over the northwest. Come to Seattle and I will grab my dear husband and we will be there!

  27. Donald Montgomery says:

    Bob Seger is my favorite performer. Hopefull he is coming to the Detroit Area. I have my money in hand and am ready to go.

  28. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come back to Kansas City, Mo. Sprint Center. The last time you were here, I had to have emergency surgery and had to give up my tickets-by the way, I’m 68 years young and remember that old time rock and roll.

  29. Bob, you are the best. back when my kids were starting their teens I found you and have loved you since. Been to 5 concerts, both in Boston and Worcester, including the last one. Will definitely be there again, CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  30. I drove from Canada to Seattle in ’07 after waiting years and years for Bob to tour again. Loved the concert and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll come to the West Coast again. It would be fantastic to be able to hear him play again. PLEASE BOB COME OUT WEST!!!

  31. How about some shows on west coast especially some Canadian dates, Vancouver or Victoria maybe??

  32. I flew to Vancouver in 1990 to see Bob. Great show. Please come to Canada

  33. BOB! I was online at 10 a.m. to get my tickets to his Buffalo, NY show. I cannot wait to see him again. This will be concert number 3. He’s my man. I’ve loved him since the first time I heard him on the radio.

  34. ORLANDO PLEASE!!!!!!!

  35. Please come to North Carolina or Atlanta GA area! I will be there! It’s a dream of mine to see him! My favorite all time singer! Absolutely LOVE him!

  36. Any tour dates in FL for 2011?

  37. Dawn Astacio says:

    I am a life long fan. Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band have been part of every phase of my life, and been there through dark days, as well as joy.

    Please, please. Come to Ft. Lauderdale. (Or Miami). XOXO

  38. kevin mason says:

    I saw Bob Seger in England in the 70’s & his last show at Madison square garden, the man is a legend. Keep checking his website daily for news of a show in NYC.

  39. please come to philly.

  40. Cristy Hastings says:

    Saw Bob Seger in Cali years ago; he still has that magical voice that gives you goosebumps !!! Will fly to whereever he comes closest to Boise, Id. Can’t Wait…….

  41. What happen to visiting PITTSBURGH!!!

  42. anything planned for calif. my lifelong dream is to see and hear Bob Seger

  43. James Mason says:

    I am flying over from England on the 18th and going to the Detroit show on the 19th, so if anyone fancies meeting up for a beer at the show give me a shout.

  44. sissy sams says:

    seen bob in omaha on the 10 of may i have only been waiting to see him seen i was in the 3rd grade that was awhile ago too! it was the best concert i have ever seen, of course i’am his #1 fan but it was still the best concert ever and i have been to alot of concert and nothing even comes close to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I love Bob Seger, can’t find any info on any shows coming to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Please come down to south Florida it’s been way too long since I’ve seen him.

  46. The guy doesnt have a bad song, and my dad turned me on to Segar when I was a baby. Hope to hear it all live in DENVER, CO. the mile high city RED ROCKS AMPLITHEATRE is the best place for any concert Segar would be the best Ive ever seen no doubt in my mind.