Toyota Recall 2011 – Is your car affected? We have the List!

The BBC announced today that Toyota has announced another world wide recall affecting 1.7 million cars over concerns of possible fuel leaks and other defects.

Although most of the recalls affect Japanese car owners, there are also a number of cars (to the tune of 421,000) in the rest of the world. A huge portion of those defects affect the Toyota Avensis model in Europe and IS and GS Lexus models in North America.

The fuel leakage problem isn’t life threatening – it’s due to an improper installation of a sensory to measure fuel pressure. This can cause the bolt to loosen over time as a result of engine vibration – which would then lead to fuel leakage.  No accidents have been reported because of this flaw.

Some of the vehicles mentioned in the recall:

–          Lexus GS300/350 Model made in 2006/2007

–          Lexus IS250s made between 2006 and early 2009

–          Lexus IS350 produced between 2006-2008

–          Lexus IS250 petrol engine between August 2007-February 2009

–          Avensis 2.0 litre & 2.4 litre petrol engine models between July 2000 – September 2008

Toyota announced that owners of these vehicles will be notified by mail.

Are you affected by this new recall?

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  1. you said there was a list
    the title says there is a list
    where is the complete list?