Sexy Old Spice Spoof: Love it or Hate it?

Britain is honoring the 40th anniversary of their Page 3 Girls and what better way to honor this date than spoofing the famous Old Spice videos! For those that don’t know, the Page 3 girls have been showing up topless on the tabloid’s paper since November 17, 1970.

The paper had this to say about the racy video:  To pay homage to this national institution that’s been spicing up your life since 1970, we got Page 3’s gorgeous Rosie to show you boys her charms..”

Without further ado.. Here’s Rosie!

The video is a bit NSFW – So here’s the script of the video for those of you feeling a unadventurous today:

“Hello Boys,
Look at your woman, now back to me, Now back at your woman, Now back to me.
Sadly, she isn’t me – but that’s okay!
Because if you keep reading page three everyday I’ll be in your hands smiling at you like you were with me.
Look down! Back up!
Where are you?
You’re on a beach with the woman you’d secretly love your woman to be like. What’s in your hands?
Back at me.
I have them – they’re my coconuts — with two VIP tickets to that match you have to see. Look again, the tickets are now beers…
Anything is possible when you read page three and imagine that I’m your lady.
I’m on a car.”

So what did you think? Do you like the video?

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2 Responses to Sexy Old Spice Spoof: Love it or Hate it?

  1. Nope. Not clever. Just a blatant rip-off. The girl is pretty, though.

  2. none of the energy, verve, or wit of the original, and Rosie, well, Rosie doesn’t read her lines very well.

    But yeah, she’s pretty.