Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Stage Vid (Watch)

Hopefully Jimmy Buffett wasn’t wasting his day away in Margaritaville before he hit the stage for his concert in Sydney Australia last night. The 64-year-old music icon lost his footing after finishing his last song for a sold out crowd and ended up falling off the stage, face planting into the ground.

A few concert-goers caught the fall on video and have uploaded the footage to the internet. The fall looks pretty severe – and he was rushed to the hospital immediately following the incident and we’ve just learned that his condition is stable but still under observation.

Don’t worry, Jimmy, it happens to the best of us – just ask Steven Tyler. The Aerosmith frontman took a fall off a stage while performing for an audience in South Dakota in August of 2009 (check out the video here).

Take a look at Jimmy Buffett’s fall below (2 videos with 2 different angles). I’m sure he’ll be slamming back the margaritas again in no time:

Fall happens at about the 3:45 mark:

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2 Responses to Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Stage Vid (Watch)

  1. Jimmy must’ve forgot to tell the crowd he was going to try body surfin’ his way out. Hope he’s okay. Love his songs and libations

  2. Hope for a speedy recovery! Hope to see you in Charlotte in April!