Jimmy Buffett Fall vs. Steven Tyler Fall: Which Is Worse (Watch)?

What do Jimmy Buffett and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler have in common? Besides being highly respected music icons of their generation, they’ve both had epic moments where they’ve lost their balance and face-planted off the stage.

Steven Tyler’s moment of shame happened in 2009 while he was performing for a South Dakota audience. It’s no secret that the Aerosmith frontman has battled with drugs and alcohol, which likely had something to do with his fall.

Meanwhile, 64-year-old Jimmy Buffett is the latest inductee into the Fall of Shame after he face planted into the ground after walking off the side of the stage during a sold-out Australia concert yesterday.

The question is: Who had the more epic fall?

Our vote goes to Jimmy – he really goes face-first into the ground whereas Steven Tyler does more of a side-stomach-plant into the ground. Plus, the drugs probably took away most of Tyler’s pain. Probably can’t say the same for ol’ Jimmy.

Take a look at the falls below and let us know which one you think looks worse:

*Fall occurs at around 3:45 mark




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