Mendenhall Humps Roethlisberger After Steelers Win (Watch)!

Football fans have become accustomed to male-on-male actions from football players after big wins on the field. The infamous ass-tap, the chest-on-chest bump after a good play – innocent enough, right? Right. But where do you draw the line? Perhaps at humping on the field?

Rashard Mendenhall was incredibly excited with the Pittsburgh Steelers win over the New York Jets last night. In fact, he was so happy with Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger’s hard work on the field that he decided to show his appreciation for his teammate in the only way a true man knows how to: by humping him in front of everyone, of course.

The hilarious video shows a very excited Mendenhall humping Big Ben like a dog in heat. It’s very obvious that all of the Pittsburgh Steelers were thrilled about their big win but Mendenhall was the only one who took it that far.

We can accept the ass-tap, we can handle the chest bumping but we have to draw the line at humping.

If this is how they behave while cameras are rolling, just imagine what goes on in the locker room, behind closed doors. 

Tell us, was the Mendenhall hump innocent – or did he go too far?


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3 Responses to Mendenhall Humps Roethlisberger After Steelers Win (Watch)!

  1. Watching this live, my jaw hit the floor, followed by maniacal laughter… Didn’t know which was the better moment in the game. Humping Mendenhall or Sanchez wiping his booger on Mark Brunell…


    GO STEELERS!!! Best franchise on any sport in this world.

  3. I think this shows what is really going on with this team. It stands to reason, since this team doesn’t support cheerleaders!