Chamillionaire Leaves Universal Records

On Thursday it was announced that rapper Chamillionaire has officially left Universal records after a disagreement about where the artist should be headed musically. After wrapping up his third solo album, Venom, Universal Records has declined to release it along with all material the rap artist had created while on the label.

The label wants more pop and Chamillionaire refuses to give it to them.

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Chamillionaire said:

“I think nowadays labels feels that rap doesn’t sell as much as pop does. So what they are doing is they are trying to turn rappers into that. ‘You infiltrated pop culture with ‘Ridin Dirty’ now do it again. That’s what they wanted me to be, and if I came in with something that was more me, they wouldn’t support. But ‘Ridin Dirty’ wasn’t a pop record – it was myself.”

This isn’t the end of Chamillionaire – he says that his new found freedom allows him to release material more in sync with his vision. He is now working on a series titled Playlist Poison.

Whose side are you on? Do you think Chamillionaire shoud play the music that sells records or stick with his rap vision?

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2 Responses to Chamillionaire Leaves Universal Records

  1. Cham do yourself thats the music ur real fans enjoy and that pop stuff is the stuff we can’t stand and the reason why people can’t jam u no more in the streets

  2. Hell Yeah cham stick with rap dont let them change your music r tell u what to do.