Mafia Arrests 2011: Johnny Pizza, Tony Bagels & More! (Watch)

Last night the FBI pulled off one of the largest mob roundups in history capturing over 120 mobsters early this morning. The arrests included members from all of the major east cost crime families.

What are mobsters doing these days you may ask? Most of the top mobster bosses are in their 70’s so it’s hard to imagine that they were really shaking things up. But sure enough, the mafia can be traced to anything from drug trafficking, corruption, extortion, and arson.  Some of the crimes go back thirty years. Recently the Genovese crime family was known for shaking down Longshoremen for their holiday bonuses around Christmas Time. Seriously – mob bosses have gone from dead horse heads in bed to “Scrooging” it up on Christmas Eve for a couple hundred bucks a pop.

Here’s a video from the latest arrests:

The best part of the Mob arrest was the release of names of those who were arrested. If you thought “Paulie Walnuts” And “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero were scary, wait till you get a hold of the last nights ‘Gumba’ pile:

  1. Lumpy
  2. Meatball
  3. Jack the Whack
  4. Mush
  5. The Claw
  6. The Fang
  7. Uncle Danny
  8. Marbles
  9. Johnny Pizza
  10. Junior Lollipops
  11. Jimmy Gooch
  12. Baby Fat Larry
  13. Bobby Glasses
  14. Vinny Carwash
  15. Tony Bagels

Based on these names you can now affectionately call me by my mafia name “Tiffany Non-Fat Latte with Extra Foam.”

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