Octomom Baby Fetish Vid Hits the Web – So Disturbing (Watch)!

We’re not sure why anyone would want to see this video – let alone pay money for it – but we feel obligated to tell you that Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) has officially made her on-camera debut in the much anticipated baby fetish video and it’s available to view right now.

As you can see, the mom-of-eight is dressed in a tight-fitting leather ensemble while using a whip as her main accessory. Meanwhile, her co-star is dressed in an adult-sized diaper, oversized baby bonnet and baby bottle.

Nadya adamantly rejected several opportunities to star in her very own porn video but ultimately decided that this was more suited for her.

I couldn’t watch more than 10 seconds without gagging but maybe you stomach it a little longer.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right Nadya? And trust me, you’ve got the word D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E written all over you!

Does anyone know if she’s even getting paid for this?


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3 Responses to Octomom Baby Fetish Vid Hits the Web – So Disturbing (Watch)!

  1. Egg donor of 14 kids, she had 6 before the 8.
    Just plain nasty.