Ipad 2 Announcement Coming on February 9th?

Despite recent news about Steve Jobs’ failing health, it sounds as though Apple is going forward with the announcement of the iPad 2.

The latest rumor is that the announcement could come as soon as February 9th. Previously, it was thought that we might not get to see the second generation iPad until March or April. However, an image that was found in the iOS 4.3 beta that was released to developers hints at an announcement sooner than the spring.

As you can see in the image above, the old iPad icon’s calendar app displayed the date January 29th. That was the day the original iPad was announced. Now it shows the 9th. Could this mean February 9th? That’s a Wednesday and a day when Apple could announce the iPad 2. It could also represent March 9th (also a Wednesday).

It makes sense that Apple would make the announcement on February 9th. They could then start selling the iPad 2 in April. This would give developers two months to get ready.

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