Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane: Good Choices?

Fans of Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise have been anxiously awaiting the announcement that will reveal which actor and actress will play the villains in the third installment “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Well, we’re happy to report that the information has been revealed and the two people lucky enough to take part in the film are Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane.


The movie, which is set to come out on July 20, 2012, has already sparked a ton of interest and is expected to be one of the highest grossing films of the summer.

The question is, were the right people cast for the characters?

Do you honestly believe that Anne Hathaway has what it takes to become Catwoman – and do you think Tom Hardy has the skills and talent to portray Bane?

We’ll leave those decisions up to you…

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One Response to Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane: Good Choices?

  1. Do you remember when it was announced that Heath Ledger was going to play the Joker…

    I do. And it wasn’t exactly the ideal choice at the time.

    And look at how that turned out.


    I am Absolutely intrigued i am. Anne was remarkably ravenous in LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS. See it for yourself it’s in theaters now; i am confident you will see the living proof which persuaded Nolan into her direction.

    As for Tom Hardy playing Bane. This is a dream come true. I am 99.9% sure this version will be truer to the superkiller with the brains of a nuclear physicist driven by unlimited primal yet elegant ferocity… The ultimate test for Batman indeed.

    I am almost certain that the action sequences specifically the hand to hand combat portion. The weak link in the series so far will get a significant upgrade for this one.