Woman Falls into Fountain While Texting (Watch)!

Most of us have been warned about the potential dangers of texting and driving but perhaps someone should have warned this woman about the dangers of texting and walking.

The girl in the video is completely focused on her message – so much so that she doesn’t even realize she’s about to walk into a huge water fountain.

Apparently the woman wasn’t injured in the incident – but her ego sure took a hit.

Oh, and if she was hoping no one noticed, she’s going to be devastated today. The video went viral online and has been featured on countless news shows this morning.

Hope she doesn’t list multi-tasking as a skill on her resume.

Just sayin.

Take a look at the hilarious video below. Poor thing.


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3 Responses to Woman Falls into Fountain While Texting (Watch)!

  1. LOVE it… I feel for her. But seriously, that must have been an epic text.

  2. I hear she’s gonna sue. You go girl! This sets the precedent that we’re just gonna hand out money to stupid people for doing stupid things. This b!#@h is no different than people who text and drive. Get yer head out of uranus.