PSP2 Announcement Coming Soon?

Rumors are heating up that Sony is preparing to officially unveil the PSP2, the second generation version of its popular PlayStation Portable handheld gaming device.

This PSP2 is being called a portable PS3, which (if true) would be pretty incredible. We don’t have official details about the design of the PSP2 or its capabilities, but here are some of the rumored specs:

  • A bigger screen than the PSP (this one is pretty much guaranteed)
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Graphics that are equal to the PS3’s (we’ll believe this when we see it)
  • Perhaps as much as 1GB of RAM (the original PSP only has 64MB)
  • Some sort of touchscreen element, either on the front or back of the device
  • Wi-Fi and maybe even 3G connectivity

Please note that this image is simply an artist’s rendition of what the PSP2 might look like

Starting to salivate a little? You may want to back things off a bit. Even if the device is unveiled in the near future, it’s unlikely that it will be on store shelves in North America until the fall or Christmas season.

Sony may be rushing to make this announcement in an effort to stop the bleeding it has experienced over the past year in the mobile gaming space. The company has lost a lot of ground to the iPhone and Android phones. Despite the fact that cell phones can’t compete with the PSP in terms of  technical specs, they have taken a big chunk out of Sony’s revenue by offering dirt cheap apps like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope.

In fact, there are rumors that Sony is so worried about phones taking over the portable gaming market that the company is developing a phone of its own. The so-called PlayStation Phone has been rumored for quite a while and it may be nothing more than an enigma. If the PSP2 has 3G capability, there probably isn’t much of a reason for Sony to release a phone, too. Then again, maybe they will go the route of the iPad and offer one version of the PSP2 with 3G and one with Wi-Fi only.

January 27th is the day when most industry insiders expect Sony to announce the PSP2.

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2 Responses to PSP2 Announcement Coming Soon?

  1. The PSPhone is going to rock, forget about the PSP2 for now, that won’t be out until the end of the year. The PSPhone on the other hand will be here in April!

    The PSPhone will dominate sales when released, I can feel it in my bones, if it doesn’t then I will eat humble pie.

  2. Smartphone Review says:

    well i’m not sure about PSPhone….but PSP2 is definitely worth to wait…
    Thank by SMARTPHONE Review