Kim Kardashian Racy Twitter Pic: Too Sexy To Tweet (Photo)?

Kim Kardashian has never been one to shy away from the spotlight (after all, she did become famous after starring in a sex tape) and a racy new Twitter pic of the curvy reality star is sparking controversy today.

Kim tweeted this photo of herself (right) with the message “Photo shoot time! @JasonofBH jewels and red lips! #2sexy2tweet?

She used the hash tag to target the term #2sexy2tweet? but if you have to ask the question, Kim, you probably already know the answer.

The second-oldest Kardashian sister has a lot of young fans who might get in trouble with their parents if they’re caught viewing this sexy pic. That said, she also garnered a lot of male followers (perhaps because of her initial role in the sex tape) who will be very thankful for Kim’s surprise shot this week.

It’s pics like this that explain why Kim has almost 6 million followers on Twitter.

Do you think the pic is too sexy to tweet?

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8 Responses to Kim Kardashian Racy Twitter Pic: Too Sexy To Tweet (Photo)?

  1. I think it’s a swimsuit, isn’t it? She’s really going to struggle as her celebrity wanes, isn’t she?

    She has a nose for a camera like a dog for a biscuit. I’ll NEVER, EVER forget her crashing the interview stage after the Super Bowl last year…

  2. vk bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie says:

    what is sexy watch me
    kaya……. hal hai
    aur kaho what is your wearw cloths

  3. EroticBookShop says:

    Well I don’t really mind if Kim tweet more picture…

  4. Asimsaha Desuza says:

    Kim Kardashian is a beautiful actress. Her physic is a boon for her. Her sexy look gives her advantage over other actress.

  5. You have to look more natural, too much make up.

  6. rajulanjewar says:

    good looking

  7. racy kadashian says:

    WOW MARYDEE Goes NUDE For W Magazine (PHOTOS)
    good looking,Too Sexy To Tweet (Photo)?