Facebook Shutting Down? Nope

There’s a rumor that’s spreading across the Internet this morning that Facebook will be shutting down on March 15. As the story goes, Mark Zuckerberg wants his old life back. I guess he got tired of being a billionaire.

If you believe this rumor, you’re an idiot. Facebook is not shutting down. Even if Mark Zuckerberg got tired of running Facebook, he could easily quit and the site would live on. It’s not like all of Facebook’s data is stored on Zuckerberg’s laptop or something. It’s a huge company. It doesn’t need one man to continue to exist.

Sadly, there have been many false rumors about Facebook in the past and they all seem to spread like wildfire. It seems like people will believe anything. You won’t be able to log in anymore, because Facebook is shutting down; Facebook is going to start charging money; Facebook is stealing all your data. Oh wait, that last one might actually be true…

Please do your part and share this story on Facebook. The link is up at the top of this article. Help your dumb friends find out the truth. And take a deep breath. Facebook is not shutting down.

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  1. there are always rumors about FB, but I don’t really believe that silly thing CHEAP SMARTPHONE