Homeless Man with Radio Voice Becomes YouTube Sensation (Watch)!

Sometimes, when you’re down on your luck, all you need is one person to take notice and your whole life can change in an instant. That’s the story of Ted Williams, a 51-year-old former radio host from Brooklyn whose life quickly spun out of control after struggling with drugs and alcohol.

At one point, Ted had a great job, a decent home and a voice that could have made him millions of dollars. Suddenly (after a severe battle with drugs and alcohol), he was jobless, homeless and had not a person in the world to talk to.

Ted began standing on the side of the road with a sign, begging for money. The sign explained that he is a former radio host who’s down on his luck. At the end, it said “God bless.”

Lucky for Ted, someone took notice of his situation, sat and spoke with him and instantly knew this guy was an incredible talent. Fortunately, millions of people agree. The Youtube clip of Ted below has already received over 3 million hits in less than a day.

Ted appeared on the CBS Early Show this morning and has already received interest from WNCI – one of the biggest radio and voiceover agencies in the world.

Williams also scored an interview slot of WNCI’s Dave and Jimmy who announced “The homeless man with an awesome voice will be in our studio at 7:15am tomorrow [Wednesday]. We’re going to find some way to help this guy.”

Amazing how your whole world can change in a second.

Take a look at Ted below and listen to his truly amazing story and check out his CBS Early Show Interview (and makeover) below:

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