Ashley Harlan Photos: Ben Roethlisberger Engaged to Girlfriend!?

Ben Roethlisberger is the latest celebrity to take the plunge and propose – according to multiples sources online, that is.

The Pittsburgh Steels QB is reportedly getting hitched to Ashley Harlan – a college softball player who has apparently been dating Big Ben for quite some time.

Little is known about the Lawrence County, PA native but photos of Ben’s new fiancé have surfaced online and are creating a lot of buzz today.

While the news has yet to be confirmed by Ashley, Ben or members of either family, locals (specifically Amy Kunselman) from Ashley’s hometown told reporters that it was common knowledge that these two were an item and inevitable that they would walk down the aisle sometime soon.

Some reports are now claiming there could be a wedding as early as June 2011.

Sure hope Ashley knows what she’s getting herself into.

$50 says Little Miss Thing is knocked up.

Any takers?

Here are some photos of the lucky woman who gets to spend the rest of her days with Ben Roethlisberger.

My condolences Congratulations.

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8 Responses to Ashley Harlan Photos: Ben Roethlisberger Engaged to Girlfriend!?

  1. wow…..perhaps a lesbian that has agreed to give face time as a wife to cool down all the bad press Big Ben has been getting lately….now he can go back to raping women on the sly……nice! NFL must have been behind making it look like he was settling down….must be a heck of a financial payoff to do this….I have to say I like the creativity to say the least and it will make all kinds of PR for the Steelers as well….wonder how the Pre-nup reads…..since if this is bona-fide I give it about year before Big Boy rapes another woman……and its another Elin Woods all over again…….everyone knows but her……good luck Kid, hope you understand high risk relationships with this moron….hard to imagine you would stoop this low, but hey, perhaps there is incentives tied into the deal with you……

  2. Being ugly is punishment enough for her. Benny likes the ladies, and he will cheat.

  3. i think ben should wait,,it is too soon for him…

  4. ben,play his football games,,be himself and not worry about marriage right now,,she wants his money and make him look good because of bad issues went on for few years,,he don’t need her right now…he should at least wait five years before he marry somebody…

  5. BEN,,you need to move on,,,it is a mistake..she wants your money..wait a few will find the right one….

  6. dorothy webb says:

    if your happy ben, then i wish you all the best. sometimes the media sucks, so just ignore them and live your life. go steelers <3

  7. I will take your $50 bet that my mom is knocked up.

    Little Ben Rothlisberger

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