Navy Vid Scandal Sparks Controversy (Watch)!

A controversial Navy video put together by Naval commander Captain Owen Honors as a funny comedy clip in 2006/2007 is coming back to haunt the USS Enterprise worker.

Many people (including former and current staffers) insist that Captain Owen Honors is the best of the best and is not a bad person. Regardless, others are upset over the videos, which feature Owen, along with other crew members, using gay slurs, participating in suggestive shower scenes and other racy content that is offending many viewers.

“As far as the skits being offensive, I never thought they went too far,” Jeffrey Cheiky says of the tapes “Most of the things he did were jokes or pranks that we would play on each other.”

There are many people supporting the Captain, including thousands of people on a “We support Captain O. P. Honors” Facebook page but the fate of the commanding officer and his part in the Navy is unknown. He is now being investigated as everyone waits to hear whether or not he will be let go because of his actions.

Do you think Captain Owen Honors deserves to be punished for creating these “comedy sketches?”

Check out these videos below for more information on these controversial videos:


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  1. Teresa Slaman says:

    Yes and No. I am a Navy Brat. My father was in the United States Navy for 23 years and was in three wars. The Korean War and World War 11 and Vietnam . Melvin Robert Simon died in 1988. I like my father think that don’t ask don’t tell was the best solution to gays in the military. Just wait and see how much heartache are President Whats his name oh ya Obama will now cause the gays in the military.:) Call me a fortune teller. Just you wait and see.